From Resin to Block Paving in Telford
Materials for Driveways, Patios and Landscaping

As a time-served landscaping company, Tri Pave Construction Ltd works with a wide range of materials. On this page, we take a closer look at some of the materials we use in the construction of garden patios, driveways and other hardscape features. From resin driveways and tarmac driveways to block paving patios, we deliver exceptional results and have something to suit every home in the Telford area.

Our team is happy to provide personalised advice and ideas for your garden. We want every job to be perfect, so take the time to find the best options for you and your space.

Here are some of the quality materials we work with:

Block Paving

This type of paving uses individual bricks which can be laid in all kinds of different patterns. These bricks can be made from clay or concrete and come in various colours. There are also tumbled blocks available for a traditional, worn look.


We use epoxy and polyester resins which are plastic-like substances when they set. Resin is ideal for creating strong, smooth and clean surfaces. When used with aggregates, it results in stunning low-maintenance resin driveways.


Tarmac is a mixture containing bitumen (a tar-like substance), crushed stone and sand. It is very weather resistant and durable as well as strong. It also provides some skid resistance, making tarmac driveways a popular option for homes in Telford.

Indian Sandstone

Imported from India, this sandstone is ideal for creating beautiful garden patios. This sandstone is naturally veined and comes in various colour profiles and tones. It is also more affordable than alternatives like York stone. Sandstone is very durable, resistant to impact, low maintenance and looks better as it ages.

Composite Wood

Composite wood is made of various materials such as wood fibre and plastic. It looks very similar to real wood but requires less maintenance. Our landscaping company offers composite decking and composite fencing.

Natural Stone

In addition to Indian sandstone, we work with all kinds of other natural stones, including limestone, York stone and slate, which have their own characteristics. Natural stone is perfect for garden patios and pathways. Certain options can even be used for driveways.

Choosing the Right Material

At Tri Pave Construction, we work with our customers in Telford and the surrounding areas to find the perfect materials for their landscaping projects. This includes carrying out a site survey and talking with you about your wants and needs. Using this information, we advise on suitable options and can help you choose colours and laying patterns.

Specialising in everything from tarmac driveways and resin driveways to block paving areas and timber decking, our landscaping company has something for everyone.

Call us today on 07462 571860, 01952 897938 (Telford) or 01743 817840 (Shrewsbury) for block paving, resin driveways and more.